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2010-04-02 20:21:16 by Rythmetic

Ok so its been about 8 days since i last posted on my page and about 6 since i last edited my Animations however an unexpected flood of "A level" work come smashin into my lessons and i had to take a break from NewGrounds to complete a Draft sketch for Moving Images final piece "The classroom" containing real time footage and animation about 3 minutes long :D so yeah i had to do a complete Front page, Contents page and Double page spread for a Magazine too with Evaluations, Research etc. so yeah ive been busy however... ontop of all this i have also had to restore the computer im using right now back to basic and install windows all again and having a slight problem with my Drivers gave me an unexpected delay in time yeah its been a busy week and couple of days however....

I will present within the Next Month:

My Anticipated Animation that ive been going on about, My Moving Images Final Piece "The Classroom" which will be uploaded to Youtube just embedded on this page and finally maybe another short animation ill get to work on but yeah...

Ive still to install my Photoshop and Flash 10 all again so bare with me i do have a Social Life, Girlfriend and Schoolwork to get through however i am very determined to smash through everything i have to do "Including the Girlfriend tehe" so yes.

Peace guys.


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2010-04-13 14:01:27

But.... The voice acting then!?
I wanna Begin with My Animation!!!