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Rythmetic's News

Posted by Rythmetic - December 4th, 2011

I'm working on a quick short about a stickman running up cliffs on assassination training shorts, i plan to have them out every 2 days but the first tonight so the first wont be as good as the rest but it will help me a great deal with drawing stickmen in bizarre positions and ill improve on my animating skills alot.

Posted by Rythmetic - December 26th, 2010

Is in the works and it will hopefully be on here within the next week, Its a quirky Animation but i hope to add dark themes into it soon.

Keep a look out and if anyone wishes me too ill update them via Newgrounds mail when its been uploaded.

Posted by Rythmetic - December 25th, 2010

Ok so there was a small hype for this song a whole back, when i created Mr Doodles Test, and i worked on this on and off for about 2 weeks but it wasn't non stop animating it was when i could be bothered, which prompted me to stop animating for a while as i had bigger things to be handling in my life such as college etc.

However i opened flash up not so long ago and started working on a new project and thought it be best to download the newest version available and i did so.

Meaning i will release this old project some point today and then my new project at some point in the next weeks.

Posted by Rythmetic - December 17th, 2010

Thats how long it'll take till my next project is on here, im working on it now and i have a 3 week holiday to do as much as i like, it'll be good :D

Posted by Rythmetic - December 10th, 2010

Just posted this to budge my older one if im honest however im making a small animation should be up soon!

Posted by Rythmetic - August 23rd, 2010

Ok so Ive really excited myself with this one :)

Its been a while but without giving much away im making an animation Called NM 13 and its based on a dark mysterious imagination of a 13 year old boy who brings his fears to life when falling into a deep dream he need to escape from :)

Keep posted!

Posted by Rythmetic - April 29th, 2010

Ok so I've had a few knock backs today :/ 'Train2Game' come to tell me everything I need to know for a 3 year Computer Game Programming course however a little bit of research and ive realised there not 100% trustworthy so yeah :/

Also I've been offered a job for Game Testing but i cant do it because I have no transport :( So its a pretty decent FML day, however I have been hard at work with my new make over and heres a preview :)


Yeah Boyy!

Posted by Rythmetic - April 27th, 2010

Ok so ive pretty much preped my whole Make over im just installing my Photo-shop Elements 8 now so I can get to work and finish them fully ready for the site, I found a couple of bits I need to redo for my up and coming Flash Animation so bare with me for that there's approx 250 frames that need to be redone and finally ill be uploading some basic cartoon art in the next couple of days :)

Keep a look out


Posted by Rythmetic - April 26th, 2010

Ok so to the three or four people that visit my page id like to say sorry for not being here for almost a month ive had some trouble with school and home so forgive me please.

However i am currently setting my computer up with Flash and Photoshop today and hope to be posting out a new animation in about a weeks time, im bound to be a little rusty at flash haven't used for over a month and then yeah i hope to have things running smoothly.

The reason for my long stay away is because i wasn't happy with the way things where going for me, however cut long story short, im over it and things are back on track so stay posted because ill be giving my page a new make over, posting an animation i almost lost and will be back to voting on every new animation on the website :)


Posted by Rythmetic - April 2nd, 2010

Ok so its been about 8 days since i last posted on my page and about 6 since i last edited my Animations however an unexpected flood of "A level" work come smashin into my lessons and i had to take a break from NewGrounds to complete a Draft sketch for Moving Images final piece "The classroom" containing real time footage and animation about 3 minutes long :D so yeah i had to do a complete Front page, Contents page and Double page spread for a Magazine too with Evaluations, Research etc. so yeah ive been busy however... ontop of all this i have also had to restore the computer im using right now back to basic and install windows all again and having a slight problem with my Drivers gave me an unexpected delay in time also...so yeah its been a busy week and couple of days however....

I will present within the Next Month:

My Anticipated Animation that ive been going on about, My Moving Images Final Piece "The Classroom" which will be uploaded to Youtube just embedded on this page and finally maybe another short animation ill get to work on but yeah...

Ive still to install my Photoshop and Flash 10 all again so bare with me i do have a Social Life, Girlfriend and Schoolwork to get through however i am very determined to smash through everything i have to do "Including the Girlfriend tehe" so yes.

Peace guys.