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Hmm where to begin?

2010-04-26 05:24:33 by Rythmetic

Ok so to the three or four people that visit my page id like to say sorry for not being here for almost a month ive had some trouble with school and home so forgive me please.

However i am currently setting my computer up with Flash and Photoshop today and hope to be posting out a new animation in about a weeks time, im bound to be a little rusty at flash haven't used for over a month and then yeah i hope to have things running smoothly.

The reason for my long stay away is because i wasn't happy with the way things where going for me, however cut long story short, im over it and things are back on track so stay posted because ill be giving my page a new make over, posting an animation i almost lost and will be back to voting on every new animation on the website :)



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2010-04-26 07:21:32


Rythmetic responds:



2010-04-27 14:39:59

Yeah, School is a pain in the ass sometimes....
Sry cause i´m sayig that all the time. but I want too begin NOW!!!

Rythmetic responds:

I thought you would've done and finished it by now tbh sorry I haven't replied I just haven't been on alot.

And I didn't do them because I wasn't too keen on the script, I assumed it was following the FF7 genre as Serious but I felt you where going for a goofy spoof.