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Update :D

2010-03-24 07:27:34 by Rythmetic

Ok so ive spent the last 4 days working my arse off on my new project and its nearly there.
when i say nearly i have to do 2620 and ive only done 1250 however i class this as half way and will have this animation out in less then a week.

In other news im going to upload some voices im doing for "NarutoMaker7" whos making a Final Fantasy animation i do beleave and yeah i hope he likes what ive got.

And lastly as soon as i finish this project im going to get to work on my Madness Collaboration which has to be 10 second long and ill send that in to "Zunder" who is organizing everythink for it :)

So have fun and check this page in about 3 days and ill have a new post here.

Btw go check out "MarutoMaker7" and "Zunder"'s pages as there both cool people :)

Cya guys


2010-03-21 09:19:05 by Rythmetic

Alright so i was browsing through the forums and i came across a "Madness Collaboration" thingy so im currently working my own characters for that and maybe ill edit a few guns also.

But in bigger news i have spent like 5 hours allready working on my next "Mr Doodles" the name will most likly be changed or somthing but its currently like 1:30 seconds long and im just thinking atm how to make it longer with all the audio im using and frames im finding it realy tiring to do so.

A few little facts about it already, the intro is 22.5 seconds long.
The frame rate is 16 making it that little bit slower but much longer then intended.
Ive already looped him 5 times and plan to do approxamatly 7 more.
The audio im using atm is "Lymph Project - The sea of love and hatred drop" theres a link below :)
I plan on using another song which could extend my animation to 3-5 minutes long.
And heres a quick screenshot of what background, enviroment im using etc.

Lymph Project /_/The+Sea+Of+Love+And+Hatred+Drop?aut ostart

More Lymph Project /+charts?rangetype=6month&subtype=trac ks

My picture will either be below or above but be sure to Watch my Test of Mr Doodles vote and comment please.



Good News.

2010-03-19 19:10:59 by Rythmetic
Updated i got home from the GF's house today to notice my Bro "D-N-A" had uploaded a preveiw of his first ever completed track the link will be below but as soon ad hes finished tweaking and stuff ill make sure to post it on Newgrounds so some people can give it a listen :)

That is ofcourse if he allows me

Have fun and look out for a few more animations coming your way soon :)

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2010-03-16 14:41:07 by Rythmetic

Okay so its Rythmetic from sketFX.

We all took a few knockbacks and after a long discussion we decided best we just left it, so im here and ive gone solo :)

Im still working on Games and Animations so keep a look out :)